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How do I export orders from my online store?

You can export orders from your Mozello online store into a CSV file that can be opened in spreadsheet applications and used for accounting and statistical purposes.

The export procedure is as follows:

  1. Open the Orders page.
  2. Click Export.
  3. Choose the export options and press Export.
  4. The data is exported to a CSV file.

About CSV files

CSV stands for comma-separated values. This is a file format (.csv) that can be opened, edited and saved in spreadsheet software (Google Sheets, Excel, Numbers etc.).

We recommend that you use Google Sheets for opening the CSV file exported from Mozello, but you can also use Excel, Numbers or other spreadsheet program that can import and export CSV files.

In Google Sheets, you just open the CSV file. In Excel you open a blank workbook and click Data > From Text/CSV. Data can be also saved and later edited as normal Excel Workbook .xlsx file.

Order export CSV data format specification

First row of the CSV file is always a header row with field names. E.g. Order ID, Name, E-mail, Amount etc.

There are two product export modes:

  • Without order details - exports just general order data, one row per order
  • With order details - exports all order data, including product names and quantities, can be multiple rows per order

Depending on which export mode you choose, the exported file will contain all or some of the following data fields.

In the CSV file, orders with multiple items (products) show their additional items on separate lines. Most of the fields are left blank to indicate that multiple items were included in the same order.

The maximum total amount of orders that can be exported in a single file is 10000. If you need to export more data, you can do so by creating separate CSV files for each month and then combine them with a text editor.

Data fields and values

Important notes on data format:

  • Monetary values are exported floating point numbers (using . as separator), e.g. 15.99 or 25.
  • Country names are exported in English.
Order ID The order number as it appears in your control panel and on the invoices. This is included on all lines for all export types.
Created at The date and time when order was placed.
Payment status Whether the order is paid. Values can be paid, pending and failed.
Name The customer's full name.
Company The company name, if entered.
VAT ID Company VAT ID, if entered.
Company ID Company registration number, if entered.
E-mail The customer's e-mail.
Phone The customer's phone number.
Country The customer's (billing) address country.
Address The customer's (billing) address, if entered.
City The customer's (billing) address city, if entered.
Province The customer's (billing) address state or province, if entered.
Zip The customer's (billing) address ZIP or postal code, if entered.
Shipping country The customer's shipping address country.
Shipping address The customer's shipping address, if entered.
Shipping city The customer's shipping address city, if entered.
Shipping province The customer's shipping address state or province, if entered.
Shipping zip The customer's shipping address ZIP or postal code, if entered.
Notes Notes or details included with the order by customer, if entered.
Payment method The payment method chosen by the customer.
Payment reference The payment reference number from the payment gateway, if the order was paid online and gateway provides such reference.
Shipping method The shipping method chosen by the customer.
Currency The currency used for this order. For example, EUR or USD
Subtotal The order's subtotal before shipping and add-on taxes.
Shipping The total cost of shipping for the order.
Taxes The amount of taxes charged on the order.
Total The total cost of the order.
Discount code The discount code that was applied to the order.
Discount amount The amount of the discount applied to the order.
Product quantity The product quantity ordered. Only in detailed export mode.
Product name The product name as ordered. Only in detailed export mode.
Product price The product price as ordered. Only in detailed export mode.
Product SKU The product code or SKU. Only in detailed export mode.

Please read this documentation carefully and contact us if you have any questions not covered in this documentation.

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