How is Mozello better?

Mozello Jimdo Voog Squarespace Yola Weebly Wix
Ease of use easy medium easy difficult medium medium medium
Fully Responsive designs just few
Design can be changed
Full, app-free mobile editing
Create multilingual websites
Cheapest ad-free plan
Monthly cost €6 €5 €6 €7.30 €7.50 €7 €8.25
Free domain name 1st year 1st year
Disk space 50 Gb 5 Gb 2 Gb Unlimited 5 Gb Unlimited 3 Gb
Unlimited pages
Online store included 30 items 15 items 1 item +10$ /mo 10 items

Data collected on 25. Feb, 2016; Pricing determined based on exchange rate at the time of comparison.